Deep in the magical forest of Anaga

Several trails, varying in length and challenge, connect to the northern hills of Anaga forest from the Cruz Del Carmen intersection. Mirador de Cruz del Carmen viewpoint, Ermita de Nuestra Señora del Carmen sanctuary, a restaurant, cafe and the Centro de Visitantes visitors’ centre can also be found in the area, located near the village of Las Mercedes.

The 10,4 kilometre long PR-TF 10 hiking trail leads into the heart of the forest. The air gets colder and the thick growth turns the lights down low. Sunlight rarely penetrates the squiggly laurel branches.

The linear mountain trail leads all the way down to the fishing village of Punta Hidalgo but can be deviated from to the Calle El Montito road. The alternate route starting from Chinamada leads to the village of Las Carboneras, a textbook mountain village suitable for a coffee break.

The detour adds roughly four kilometres to the trail but takes you through a beautiful scenery of mountains, sea and the evergreen forest. The trail is mostly downhill up to Chinamada and from Las Carboneras the steady uphill climb continues all the way back to Cruz del Carmen. Proper hiking boots are a necessity because the trail is littered with rocks, roots, stumps and other things to trip on. It can also get slippery at times so one needs to be careful!

Starting the hike in the early morning hours is also recommended to avoid sunset. A five-to-six hour schedule should leave room for a required amount of stops to rest – And to enjoy the scenery to the fullest.

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