5 reasons why Tenerife is the perfect wellness destination

If you’re looking for a break in the sun that also allows you to focus on cleansing your system, being active, letting go of stress or getting fit, a wellness holiday can be a wonderful choice. Tenerife offers a wide range of options from beach yoga or meditation to relaxing spa breaks and detox retreats. You’ll also have the added benefit of being able to spice up your holiday with extra activities, such as surfing, SUP, hiking or diving trips.

Here we break down the main reasons why Tenerife is the perfect destination for your next holistic or wellness holiday.

Excellent climate

Sunshine and warm weather all year round combine to make Tenerife an excellent destination for a wellness holiday any time of the year. Although the island gets very busy during the summer months, it’s still possible to enjoy peace and quiet in many parts of the island during the peak months. With highs around 28/29 ºC the summers are hot, but not unbearably so, which means you can still easily enjoy the wide variety of activities the island has to offer.

Autumn and spring are almost the perfect time to visit Tenerife. It’s warm enough to hit the beach and swim in the ocean, but a bit quieter with fewer tourists around. Winters get plenty of sunshine too (average daytime temperatures are around 21-22 ºC), so it’s no wonder that Tenerife is the favourite winter spot of many sun-seeking travellers.

Gorgeous sunsets

Tenerife offers amazing, colourful sunsets that can be enjoyed from any part of the island. Imagine a relaxing yoga or meditation class on the beach with panoramic ocean views while the sun gently sets behind the horizon. You breathe in the fresh, salty air and let your energy flow, feeling an increasing connection to nature.

Doing yoga or meditation during sunset has been said to naturally enhance your feelings of relaxation and well-being, making it the perfect practice for anyone looking to relieve feelings of anxiety or stress.

Delicious, healthy food

Traditional Spanish cuisine is based on seasonally available produce and Tenerife is no exception. Locally-grown fresh fruit and vegetables are available all year round; the northern part of the island in particular, due to its cooler and wetter climate, is amazing for its many varieties of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Citrus fruits and exotic fruits like papayas, mangos, bananas and avocados are locally grown here, as are traditional superfoods from the Canaries, such as the nispero, a pear-shaped, orange fruit with a sweet and juicy taste that is popular in jams and puddings.

Then there’s locally grown, organic meat sourced from farmers markets, not to mention all that delicious, fresh fish and seafood. Vegetarians and vegans will have no problems here, as most hotels and retreats are used to catering for a variety of diets.

Unspoilt nature

Contrasting landscapes including beaches, volcanos and arguably some of the most beautiful natural parks and nature reserves in the world, make Tenerife an appealing destination for anyone looking to get closer to nature.

The island’s main natural attractions include Teide National Park, the only subtropical high mountain area in Europe, with a unique volcanic landscape that appears to be from another planet.

Corona Forestal Nature Reserve is a huge ancient forest surrounding the Teide National Park, perfect for exploring on foot or mountain bike, while walking through Anaga forest is almost a magical experience. This prehistoric laurel forest is also brimming with wildlife, with dozens of unique species of invertebrates and birds that you won’t anywhere else.

Outdoor yoga and meditation classes are available in many parts of the the island – on the beach, in the mountains and forests and so on. Or how about long walks along the numerous trails across a variety of wildly different landscapes? The combination of fresh air, exercise and beautiful nature is sure to be great for your mind, body and soul.

A wide variety of activities

The great thing about Tenerife is that you can combine your wellness holiday with a wide variety of activities, such as snorkelling, SUP, diving, mountain biking, whale watching, outdoor climbing and so on. You can take day trips to explore different parts of the island or even catch a ferry to the neighbouring La Gomera to visit its enchanting rainforest. Of course, you may just prefer to relax on the beach enjoying sunshine and good food and that’s absolutely fine too.

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