Mud, Sweat & Gears – Mountain biking adventures in Tenerife

Adventurous visitors to the island have long known that Tenerife definitely has its wild side. One of the best ways to experience its rugged nature while feeling jolts of adrenaline is to explore the numerous mountain biking trails around the island.

There are over 200km of bike trails covering extremely varied landscapes with varying levels of difficulty, making it ideal for any kind of mountain biker. Race downhill across winding dirt tracks? Check. Cycle through black lava fields whilst marvelling at the volcanic cliffs and strange rock formations? Check. Enjoy riding in a sheltered pine forest on a trail that leads to a secluded beach where you can swim and relax with a cold beverage afterwards? Check.

North Tenerife

The northern part of the island is ideal for those looking for a relaxing escape away from the hordes of holidaymakers. Away from the bustling city streets, the main attraction here is the breathtaking nature. From lush forests to green valleys and lava fields to turquoise sea, the spectacular natural beauty will enchant visitors day after day.

The regional park of The Coronal Forestal is comprised of mainly pine forest and considered the lungs of the island. The forest surrounds the Teide National Park, spreading out across an area of approximately 50 000 hectares. Numerous trails can be found in La Orotava Valley, La Esperanza Forest and La Caldera.

La Orotava

La Orotava Valley in the Corona Forestal offers a variety of trails that can be enjoyed by all mountain bikers. The area is extremely varied with well-marked trails that criss-cross through the lush pine forests with many natural viewpoints along the way.

Try this 26 km circular route in Aguamansa, La Orotava, which takes you across rustic valleys and dense rainforests:;jsessionid=FE70EC8BB325732E8DFB9AAC75F0038A.fe2?fileId=dslmkmxudhzohzjn

AnagaFor those of you looking for a bit more of a challenge, the wonderful Anaga forest presents a number of exciting options.

This 24km trail in the forest offers some interesting climbs and descents:;jsessionid=FE70EC8BB325732E8DFB9AAC75F0038A.fe2?fileId=wrabfmtshkzhgidg

South Tenerife

While the southern part of the island may be best known for its tourist resorts, nightlife and beaches, there are nevertheless some excellent bike trails to be explored, especially in the areas of Vilaflor and Montañas Negras.


The picturesque town of Vilaflor sits next to the Teide National Park, and there is plenty to discover in the surrounding area.

This 20km trail begins with a moderately steep climb for the first 7km, rewarding you with breathtaking views of the National Park and Mount Teide from the top.;jsessionid=FE70EC8BB325732E8DFB9AAC75F0038A.fe2?fileId=rrnufzxydcgzbqbm

Montañas Negras

There are some interesting trails to be explored in Montañas Negras, an area dominated by arid deserts and fields of black lava. The trails here will take you across black lava fields and through young pine forests. You will likely come across the spectacular El Chinyero, an active volcano that erupted in 1909. The lava from the eruption still covers large parts of the surrounding area.

There is a 38km trail starting and ending at Vista Fuera that begins with a 600m climb to an elevation of 1,682m. The descent from the highest point is followed by one smaller climb before a downhill ride back to the starting point.;jsessionid=FE70EC8BB325732E8DFB9AAC75F0038A.fe2?fileId=pzeschuyoqhdsbov

Bike rentals

There is no shortage of bike rental shops across the island. Regular mountain bikes as well as electric bikes are widely available and hire rates are typically around 20€-40€ per day.

It is worth bearing in mind that riding on dirt trails and climbing hills for 2-3 hours can be quite challenging. This is why an electric assist mountain bike (e-MTB) can be an excellent option. At Xwander we actually recommend them for all but the most experienced riders. Electric bikes have a motor that is connected to the front or rear wheel. As you push the pedals the motor engages and pulls the wheel along, giving you a bit of a boost. With an electric bike you can flatten those steep hills and go faster and further, which makes riding a lot more fun.

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