New Year, new adventures

Happy New Year! The year we leave behind has been amazing all around. Our little team has grown, we’ve introduced lots of new activities, and are left with even more motivation to tackle everything 2019 has to offer. We’ve certainly achieved a lot, but as we grow bigger, so do our goals and ambitions. We’re a company that’s proud of its green values and are constantly working on making things better and more sustainable. Read on to find out what you can expect from us in the coming year.

Sustainability pledge

Here at Xwander we are all about promoting sustainable adventures across the island. As part of our sustainability pledge, we continue to take significant steps towards reducing our impact on the environment.

We are already working with ITER (Institute for Technology and Renewable Energy) to source all our electricity from their local Wind Farms. Furthermore, we’ve ditched single-use plastic bottles in favour of reusable water bottles. That means no more disposables in any of our activities or around the office. Our new ecological bottles can be refilled with filtered water from systems installed in our offices. In addition, we offer free water bottle refilling for all tourists in the Puerto De La Cruz area to further reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles.

Electric Motorcycle Tours

Have you ever wanted to explore Tenerife on a motorbike? Wonder what it’s like to cruise down winding mountain paths with the wind pushing past your face? Tenerife is the perfect place for motorbike adventures, and now you can do it while reducing your carbon footprint on our brand new electric motorcycle tours!

Xwander is proud to be the first company to offer electric motorbike tours on the island. Our brand new Zero S bikes have been designed to be powerful, fast and easy to ride, without the CO pollution of gas-powered motorcycles. Electric motorbikes are silent and have more torque than traditional ones which makes exploring the island with its mountains and twisting forest roads a real treat. We charge our bikes with electricity from wind farms too, which means our tours are completely carbon neutral!

We currently offer four different routes in either South or North Tenerife, allowing you to explore some of the most spectacular places on this wonderful island. In addition, we offer daily bike rentals for those who fancy discovering the island on their own. Find out more and book your bike here.

Zero Carbon Adventures

As part of our sustainability pledge, we are aiming to go Zero Carbon and ultimately Climate Positive in all our activities. That means going beyond zero carbon emissions towards helping to remove additional carbon dioxide from the environment. It may sound like an ambitious plan, but we believe that every effort to preserve the Earth for the future is worth it.

We have signed up with HuellaCero, a local non-profit foundation, and we’ll be working together to calculate, reduce and compensate for our carbon footprint. This basically means calculating the CO2 emissions from all our various activities, and not only reducing emissions but actively compensating for them through various forestry projects such as planting new trees on the island.


RefillMyBottle is a handy little app that aims to reduce plastic waste from single-use water bottles. The app uses your phone’s GPS to help you locate the closest station to refill your water bottle along with directions to get there. Both our offices are now official refill stations, so even more reasons to come and visit us! You can find out more and download the free app here.

Have a great year and hope to see you all soon!

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