On the pine treetops of Esperanza

The growth thickens and the weather gradually gets colder as we ascend into the Canarian pine tree forest of Esperanza. The gradually soaring treetops eventually reveal a variety of rope ladders and lines – A network connecting trees to one another.

The guide hands out harnesses to all participants and shows how to use them properly while being on the ziplines. A sudden jump onto the harness turns from shock into awe as the guide dangles safely from side to side. The attachment system ensures that it’s impossible to fall from the line, hence the dramatic demonstration.

The trees swoosh by as we gain momentum on the zipline. Towards the end we have to be cautious and use our feet to soften the landing. The other option is to stumble and fall into a soft haystack – A suitable and accepted scenario for first timers.

The longest zipline in Forestal Park Tenerife (and the Canary Islands altogether) is 230 meters long, at times reaching 30 meters in total height. Staying put isn’t adviced to avoid vertigo. Don’t fret, just keep going like Tan Chin did.

“The park adventure was definitely the most exciting and interesting experience that tested my fear of heights, despite not really having any. It emphasised self-confidence due to attaching onto the ziplines yourself and being responsible of your own advancement along the path. Moving and gliding on ziplines was exciting but for the most part jumping into the unknown was extremely fun.”

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