Paragliding through the air

Paragliding is something you have to try once in your lifetime. It gives you such a rush although the journey through air is surprisingly relaxing and easygoing. It all comes down to taking the leap. Before the takeoff your palms are sweating, your heart is pacing and it seems like speed walking ants are taking over your insides.

Even the trip to the top is exciting. On the way the instructors try their best to assure that nothing out of the ordinary will happen in the air. They even make it sound easy, you just run down the hill and start to fly. How is that even possible? Luckily you’re not alone, you’re running down the hill with your personal instructor who tells you that the seat of the kite reminds you of the cosiest armchair of your favourite hotel, just to make you feel a bit better.

Once we reach the top, the instructor, in my case Luisma, spread out the kite towards the mountaintop with its several thin strings. I’m thinking how can these strings and the kite hold the weight of two people? My stomach is about to turn and I can’t remember when was the last time I was this nervous.

It’s our turn. Luisma tells me to take the first steps walking, turn around with him and then start running downhill as fast as I can. Running with a harness attached to him at first seemed impossible, but before I knew it, we were flying on air. I’m speechless even tough I was sure that I would scream my guts out.

The bird’s eye view over the northern coast of Tenerife opens before my eyes. It’s breathtaking. All the tension I felt is gone and I’m feeling weightless in the air. Luisma is controlling the kite by its handles and making gentle turns in the wind to gain more altitude. I’m enjoying the ride and smiling so hard that my face hurts.

After a fair share of gliding through the air, we start the descent and get closer to Playa El Socorro, our landing point on the beach. The last twirl takes us over the sea unfolding an amazing scenery of the coastline from a different altitude and perspective. All of the sudden our toes touch the sand as we land safe and sound. I could not be happier with what I have just experienced, it blew my mind. I’m glad I had the guts to take the leap.

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