Zero Motorcycle Adventures in Tenerife

I recently had an opportunity to take one of our brand new Zero S electric motorcycles for a test drive, and I was beyond excited! The Zero S is an absolutely incredible, 100% electric, long-range motorcycle. The electricity we use for charging the bikes comes from local wind farms, which has effectively allowed us to go completely carbon neutral on our bike tours. Not only are they clean, but the Zero S bikes are also almost completely silent, which makes them ideal for accessing parts of the island where traditional bikes could be a nuisance.

For the tour I got to buddy up with the best riding companion a girl could ask for: our very own multi-talented “papa” Garry who knows every nook and cranny of the island. So after Garry and I had got suited and booted, donned our windproof jackets and packed some snacks and good vibes, we were ready to hit the road.

The starting point for our trip was Puerto de la Cruz, from where we made our way towards Teide National Park and El Teide. The bikes handled the winding roads beautifully – and the landscape speaks for itself. After a while the palm trees that earlier lined the way disappeared and we found ourselves surrounded by pine forest as we got closer to the top of the road. The intense sun was cooling down and the air was getting noticeably chillier.  

We rode slowly through Teide National Park, admiring the breathtaking rock formations along the way. The moon-like landscape takes my breath away every time! From there, we headed towards Santiago Del Teide and the quaint little village of Masca. That place is so out of this world with its rugged rocks, small villages and the phenomenal Masca Valley.

From Masca we continued on to Garachico: a coastal town which was badly damaged by the 1706 eruption of the volcano Trevejo. Cruising down the narrow streets lined with historical buildings on our quiet motorbikes was perfect; such a unique way to explore all the hidden gems around.

After taking in the historical atmosphere of Garachico, we made a beeline for the island’s stunning coastline before turning onto one of the quieter roads where we could fully appreciate the scenery unfolding around us: the narrow, twisting streets were just perfect for our motorbikes. Even cruising up and down the mountain roads was a breeze! The Zero S was stable and easy to control – I really felt at one with the bike.

We drove through Los Realejos and La Orotava in the northern part of the island before finally stopping for a typical Canarian style lunch in a local restaurant, set in a somewhat remote location. Luckily, Garry really knows his way around the island! Our bellies full, we took to the road again and returned to Puerto de la Cruz, just in time to enjoy the sunset over the sea.

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